VIP Pet Spa

"Great Grooming and Loving Care"

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About VIP Pet Spa

VIP Pet Spa has a true passion for animals, and that passion shows through our work. We strive to provide great grooming and loving care.

It's What We Do

VIP Pet Spa offers full service bathing and grooming for all breeds of dogs and cats. Other services include Self Wash and walk in nail trimming. A variety of retail pet supplies and accessories are also available. We also host a quarterly non-anesthetic vaccine and dental clinic.

Non-Anesthetic Dental Clinic

VIP Pet Spa partners with Qualified Pet Dental to provide a bi-monthly Non-Anesthetic Dental and Vaccine Clinic.

Learn More

Contact us today! We would love to hear from you and groom your pet. Call ahead to schedule a grooming or bathing appointment or for more information about our dental and vaccine clinic. (949) 492-7473.

I have been taking my Goldendoodle, Theia, to VIP ever since she needed her first haircut and wash. The staff is so knowledgeable and as doting on the pups they groom as if they were their owners. In addition to the quality of grooming, I especially like the flexibility of being able to book a VIP appointment, which gets Theia in and out with no down time. For my busy schedule, well worth the extra few dollars. Call and make an appointment and I promise you and your pet will be so happy you did! -Karen C.